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RKC is a worldwide manufacturer of multi loop and single loop PID temperature controllers, process controllers, indicators, control systems and level meters as well as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, pressure transducers and recorders.
RKC supplies products to a wide range of markets such as semiconductor, plastics, extrusion molding, injection molding, scientific, food industries and heat treat industry or thermal process.
Our process and temperature control technology is widely used in industry.

* RKC Winter Shutdown: From Saturday, 29th December to Sunday, 6th January

New products
Digital Controller [ Process / Temperature ] FZ110, FZ400, FZ900
Blue Mark December, 1st 2016
FZ110/FZ400/FZ900 Digital Controller
  • Three Indicators
  • Selectable PV (Universal input)
  • Selectable Remote input (Universal input)
  • Measuring Accuracy : ±0.1% of reading
  • Sampling Time : 0.05 sec.
  • Two Input Control (FZ400, FZ900)
  • Easy data back up through the front loader port
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Digital Temperature Controller RZ100, RZ400
Blue Mark December, 1st 2016
RZ100/RZ400 Digital Temperature Controller
  • Clear Display
  • Flexible Output Configuration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Loader Communication
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Paperless recorder VGR-B100
Blue Mark August, 20 2013
VGR-B100 Paperless Recorder
  • Touch screen operation.
  • A variegated display.
  • SD card slot is equipped.
  • Flexible communication and network function.
Mark VGR-B100 Special Features >> Click here!

PF900, PF901 High performance ramp/soak controller
Blue Mark June 29, 2010
PF900/PF901 High Performance Ramp/Soak Controller
  • All necessary infomation is visible on the easy-to-read front display.
  • New control algorithm RSS (Ramp Soak Stabilizer).
  • The PF900 can store up to 1024 segments.
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