Setting data support tool for controllers and indicators

  • Supported models: RKC’s control equipment (controllers, indicators, power controllers etc)
  • Display/Setting of various parameters of control equipment
  • Backup/Transfer of the set data
  • Data logging including display of trend graph
  • Software
  • Main features
  • Main specification

Main features

Easily manages parameter set values and measured values of our controllers, indicators, and power controllers

  • Data management software integrating data monitor, setting, backup, transfer, data logging with graph, and reporting tool.
  • This software can be downloaded from the official RKC website:

PROTEM2 Base Tool

  • Used for realtime monitoring/setting of the data on the PC
  • Configuration tool enables display/no display of parameter, selection of displayed items, rename of channels, and other customization.

PROTEM2 Recipe Tool

  • When the instruments are replaced, migration of data can be easily handled. If plural recipes are stored in your PC, batch setting of all set data can be achieved only by calling the desired recipe file.
  • Off-line edit of the stored recipe is also possible.
  • The loader communication runs on USB bus power and setup can be made on your desk.

PROTEM2 Logging Tool

  • The Base tool has a logging feature and various set and measured data as well as status monitor are logged.
  • Graph display is available on your PC. The logged data is automatically stored in the CSV format, which is editable by Excel and other popular software.

* Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

PROTEM2 for PZ/PF series (Ramp / Soak Controllers Pattern Setting Tool)

  • Program pattern settings, time signal settings, etc. can be easily set with a graphical and easy-to-understand display.

PROTEM2 Reporting Tool

  • This tool is used to generate a report of all the set values.
  • Data to be included in the report can be selected and saved into a CSV file or an HTML file as well as output to the printer

Main specification

Supported models

  • Digital Controllers
    RZ series
    RB series
    FB series
    FZ series
    GZ series
    HA series

    CB series



  • Module Type Controllers
    SR Mini HG


  • Communication Converters


  • Ramp / Soak Controllers
    PZ series
    PF900 / PF901


  • Digital Indicators


  • Resin Pressure Sensors


  • Power Controllers


Software operating environment

Windows 10(64bit edition), Windows 11
* Microsoft.NET Frarmework 4.5 or later is required to use this software.

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