Level Sensors

Back-pressure type level switch

  • Detects high and low limit level of fluid using a single tube.
  • Not influenced by adhering materials.
  • The use of PFA tube enables measurement of corrosive liquids.
  • Built-in semi-conductor pressure sensor and orifice.
  • Easy to use only by using air purging to the tube of 20±1kPa
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Main features

Detects high and low limit level of fluid using a single tube

The level when the sensor tip touches the surface is output as an Alarm.

Use of PFA tube enables measuring corrosive chemical solutions.

Highly reliable

Uses semi-conductor pressure sensor (back pressure sensor) in the sensing part. Structure without mechanical parts ensures high reliability and repeatability.

No adjustment required

Arranging for a tube with the specified length is all required.

Built-in orifice. Just supply of 20±1kPa air gas, then the specified purge flow rate is obtained.

Main specification

  • Number of inputs: 1 point ※LE110 is supplied with an atmospheric pressure measurement input.
  • Input media: Non corrosive gas
  • Input pressure range: 0 to 49kPa
  • Input media pressure: 20 to 49kPa
  • Response time: 0.2 sec., (Hysteresis: within 3 seconds)
    ※ Standard purge output: Performance at 20kPa (at ambient temperature 20±2ºC)
  • Number of level output: 1 point
  • Level output type: Relay contact type, 1c contact

<General specifications>

  • Power supply voltage (Rating): 24Vdc
  • Allowable ambient temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Weight: Approx.250g
  • Safety standards:UL UL61010-1

cUL CAN/CSA-22.2 NO.61010-1
CE Marking: Low Voltage Directive (LVD) EN61010-1

EMC Directive: EN61326-1

External dimensions