Pressure feedback control of resin extruder
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The HA930/430 Series strain gauge input make it ideal for melt pressure control.
Featuring high speed sampling and control at 0.025 seconds (40Hz), PID parameters set in 1/100 unit, these controllers provide stable control for improved quality of extruded products.

HA930, HA430
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Star 01Resin pressure control application
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Resin pressure control application

A strain gauge-type pressure sensor made in other companies is connectable.
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Star 02Feature
Star 1 Ultra high speed sampling 0.025 sec
Star 2 Pressure and Temperature control with a single instrument
Star 3 7 inputs and 5 outputs
Star 4 Communications
Star 5 RKC IR software to enable a controller parameter setup with PDA.
Specification --> HA3_04E.pdf (154KB)
Instruction Manual --> IMR01N11E6.pdf (206KB)
Operation Manual --> IMR01N12E5.pdf (3.31MB)
Quick Operation Manual --> IMR01N16E2.pdf (1.82MB)
Communication Instruction Manual --> IMR01N13E2.pdf (4.20MB)

Specification files are in Adobe's Acrobat PDF file (version 5.x) format. Acrobat Reader is required.

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