This is a device to record process variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure and flow rate.
There are two types of recording methods; a chart type to print the data on the chart paper and a paperless type to store the data in the memory card.
Inputs to the recorder can be from a thermocouple, an RTD, and other DC voltage and current signals.

Paperless recorder

  • Temperature
  • Process
  • Touch screen operation
  • Max.12 points (in the recorder) and additional 36 points of inputs (external devices connected via Modbus Master), total 48 inputs
  • Ethernet is supplied as standard
  • Extended security (21 CFR Part 11, Optional)

Hybrid Recorders
SBR-EW100 / EW180

  • Temperature
  • Process
  • Full dot display with a navigation display
  • Measuring cycle: 1 second for the 6-dot model.
  • Optional communication interface and remote control.