Hybrid Recorders
SBR-EW100 / EW180

  • Full dot display with a navigation display
  • Measuring cycle: 1 second for the 6-dot model.
  • Optional communication interface and remote control.
  • Temperature
  • Process
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
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Main features

“Multifunctional display” provides clear easy-to-read display

There are 80 types of display patterns to select; digital display, bar-graph display, etc.


Up to 15 display patterns can be registered, and displays can be switched by pressing the DISP key.

Two sizes are available in the series

Two types of front dimension of 144×144mm and 288×288mm are available.

Main specification

  • Input: Thermocouples, RTD, DC voltage, DC current (A shunt resistor), contact input, and voltage input
  • Number of inputs: 1 point (1 pen), 2 points (2 pens), 3 points (3 pens), 4 points (4 pens), 6 points (6 dotting points), 12 points (12 dotting points), 18 points (18 dotting points), 24 points (24 dotting points) ※12, 18, and 24 points are available only on SBR-EW180.
  • Measuring cycle: Pen model; 0.125 sec. per channel (all channels) Dotting model: 1 sec./6 points, 2.5 sec./12 to 24 dotting points
  • Recording cycle: Pen model: Continuous recording at each channel Dotting model: 6 points/10 seconds, 12 points/15 seconds, 18 points/20 seconds, 24 points/30 seconds
  • Recording method: Pen model: Disposable felt tip pen,Plotter pen Dotting model: 6-color dotting
  • Chart feed speed: Pen model: 5 to 12000mm/h (82 steps) Dotting model: 1 to 1500mm/h (1mm step)
  • Effective recording width: 100mm (SBR-EW100), 180mm (SBR-EW180)<Specification of Options>
  • Alarm output (Relay contact output):
    SBR-EW100: 2, 4, 6 points
    SBR-EW180: 2, 4, 6, 12, 24 points
    Communication interface: RS-422A / RS-485, Modbus RTUArithmetic operation function: Number of arithmetic operation channels
    Pen model: 8 channels:
    Dotting model: 12 channels (SBR-EW100), 24 channels (SBR-EW180)
    General purpose arithmetic, Four arithmetic, Square root, Absolute value, common logarithm, exponential, power, Relational operations, logical operation: MAX, MIN, AVE, SUM, MAX-MIN
    *Arithmetic operation result can be printed out on the chart paper.<General specification>
  • Remote control (5 points): Start/stop recording, Chart speed switch Message printout (5 points), Manual printout, Alarm ACK,Set the
  • clock, Math start/stop, Reset computation
  • Power supply voltage (Rating): 100 to 240V AC
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Weight: SBR-EW100: 1-pen: Approx.2.1kg, 2-pen: Approx.2.2kg, 3-pen: Approx. 2.3kg, 4-pen: Approx.2.4kg,
    6-dotting: Approx.2.5kg
    SBR-EW180: 1-pen: Aprpox.7.5kg, 2-pen:Approx.7.5kg, 3-pen: 7.6kg,4-pen: 7.6kg、
  • 6-dotting: Approx.8.4kg, 12-dotting: Approx.8.6kg, 18-dotting type: Approx.、24-dotting: Approx.9.0kg
  • Safety standards:CE Marking: Low Voltage (LVD): EN61010-2-030

EMC Directive EN61326-1 Class A,



External dimensions