Temperature Sensors

Magnet type Temperature Sensors

  • ST-50 adhesive temperature sensor is used as a sensing element and easily replaced.
  • Magnet adaptor type temperature sensor with excellent cost performance.
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Main features

Magnet fixing type cost performance sensor

This sensor uses ST-50 as a sensing element. Simple construction provides cost performance.

Easy sensor replacement

The sensing part is our ST-50, enabling easy replacement of the sensor.

The dedicated cable with connector for ST-50 (sold separately) is used

The dedicated cable with connector for ST-50 (sold separately) is used.

※Necessary when STM-A is used. This cable is sold separately.

Main specification

  • Magnetic force
  • Sensor type: Type K thermocouple, class 2 (JIS C 1602-1995)
    3N to 7N (Flat surface of iron)
  • Accuracy
    ±2°C (Flat surface of 100°C)
  • Measuring range
    0 to 300°C (no condensation)
  • Response time
    STM-A-P/G-100: 0.5 sec. (90%) typ.value
    STM-A-G-300/500: 1.5sec. (90%) typ.value
    ※The sensor should be placed and left in a room at a room temperature. Then the sensing part is contacted with the 100°C magnetic flat surface, is evaluated at the 90% point of the stability point.
  • Material of contact plate
  • Material of head (Main device)
    Liquid crystal structure
  • Material of sensor part
    STM-A-P-100:polyimide resin (ST-51-100-C is used)
    STM-A-G-100/300/500:Nonwoven glass fabric (ST-50 / ST-50-300 / ST-50-500 is used)
  • Weight

External dimensions