Digital Controllers

Digital controllers (Temperature controllers)

  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.3% of displayed value
  • Sampling time: 0.5s / 0.25s
  • DIN rail mounting type (Also installable on a panel)
  • Temperature
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
  • Models

Main features

DIN rail mounting type temperature controller

Installable on the DIN rail inside the control cabinet. Removable terminal socket for easy maintenance.

Control state discriminating type self-tuning

PID parameters are automatically tuned when control is determined to be disturbed

Autotuning function is also available

Two outputs can be assigned to control output, alarm output, or analog retransmission output

This instrument can be used as a temperature controller, an alarm, or an overtemperature protection device depending on the output assignment.

Main specification

  • Number of Inputs :1 point
  • Input type : ※See the Input Range Code for the input range.
    1)Thermocouple : K, J, T, S, R, E, B, N, C(W5Re/W26Re), U, L, PLII
    2)RTD: Pt100 or JPt100
    3)DC voltage: 0 to 5V dc, 1 to 5V dc
    4)DC current: 0 to 20mA dc, 4 to 20mA dc ※ A 250Ω external resistor is required.
  • Sampling time: 0.5s, 0.25s (Selectable)
  • Measurement accuracy:±(0.3% of displayed value+1 digit) ※Depends on the input and the range.
  • Output (OUT1) ※To be assigned from a control output, an alarm output, or an analog retransmission output.
    1) Relay contact output : 1c contact
    2) Voltage pulse output for SSR driving: 0/12V dc
    3) DC Current output : 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA dc


<Specification for Optional Functions>

  • Output2(OUT2)※To be assigned from a control output or an alarm output.
    1) Relay contact output : 1c contact
    2) Voltage pulse output for SSR driving: 0/12V dc
  • Alarm outputs (max.2 points): Temperature alarm or Control loop break alarm
  • External contact inputs (max.2 points):

RUN/STOP switching or SV1/SV2 switching or Alarm interlock release switching

  • Communication function: Communication method RS-485


<General Specification>

  • Power supply voltage (Rating): 100 to 240V ac/24Vac/24Vdc
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • weight: Approx.110g (excluding a socket)
  • Safety standards:

UL : UL61010-1
cUL : CAN/CSA-22.2 NO.61010-1

  • Other approved standards:

CE / UKCA Marking:

Electrical Safety: EN61010-1
EMC : EN61326-1
RoHS : EN IEC 63000

RCM: EN55011

External dimensions

(Unit : mm)