Level Sensors

Back-pressure type level meter
LE100 / LE110

  • Level measurement and 8 level outputs are possible using one tube.
  • Not influenced by adhering materials.
  • Available with gravity correction function which eliminates correction by actual fluid and EMPTY/SPAN adjustment function which is implemented through one-touch operation.
  • This instrument can be also used as a fluid volume meter and a pressure meter.
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Main features

Level measurement using one tube

Inactive gas is supplied to the tube installed in the tank and level is measured using the back-pressure inside the tube that is generated according to the fluid level.

LE110 is a back-pressure type level meter based on LE100 with additional differential pressure (gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure) function. This instrument can be used in a tank where the pressure inside the tank changes.

The use of PFA tube enables measurement of corrosive chemicals.

Easy initial setting (Empty/Span adjustment)

The range set by the high and the low limits is displayed as 0-100%.

Can be used as a liquid volume and a pressure meter

The linearizer function enables level measurement of a vessel with a complicated shape.

This instrument can be also used as a pressure sensor with high repeatability (±0.3% of span).

Main specification

  • Number of input: 1
    * LE110 is supplied with atmospheric pressure measurement input.
  • Input medium: Non-corrosive gas
  • Input pressure range:
    LE100: 0 to 9.807 kPa
    LE110 (pressure supply range): 10 to 30kPa
  • Guaranteed withstanding pressure range:
    Purge pressure: 100kPa
    Level measurement pressure: 10kPa
  • Sampling cycle: 0.2 second
  • Number of level setting: 6 points, 8 points
  • Repeatability: ±0.3% of span ±1 digit
  • Non-linearity: ±0.5% of span ±1 digit
  • Additional function:
    Specific gravity compensation, Empty adjustment, Span adjustment, volume compensation, automatic specific gravity compensation
    Number of level outputs: 1 to 6 points (1 to 8 points)
    Output points can be set by setting the level of the actual liquid.
    Level output action: High limit, low limit, deviation high limit, deviation low limit
    * Available with deviation setting, differential gap, output timer, wait function, and interlock function.
  • Level output type: Open collector output, 24Vdc, 60mA


<Optional specification>

  • Contact input:
  • Number of input: 1 point (Empty adjustment, count of specific gravity compensation)
  • Input method: Dry contact input
  • Communication: RS-485 interface
  • Monitor output: 0 to 2.5Vdc span (output of measured value)
    * Output scaling: Available with high/low limits


<General specifications>

  • Supply voltage (rating): 24Vdc
  • Allowable ambient temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Weight: LE100: approx.150g, LE110: approx.170g
  • Safety standards:UL UL61010-1

cUL CAN/CSA-22.2 No.61010-1
CE Marking: Low voltage directives (LVD) : EN61010-1

EMC directive: EN61326-1


External dimensions