Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors
Temperature sensors
There are two types of temperature sensors; a contact type and a non-contact type.
A contact type temperature sensor is placed into contact with the measured object and measures the temperature when the heat balance is reached. This kind of sensors includes thermocouples, platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermistors.
RKC supplies various thermocouples and platinum resistance temperature detectors.
A non-contact temperature sensor detects infrared radiation emitted from the measured object and measures the temperature from the radiation amount. A radiation temperature sensor belongs to this category.

Temperature/Humidity sensors
This sensor detects moisture percentage in the ambient atmosphere simultaneously with temperature.
We use a highly accurate high polymer resistance-type sensor.

Temperature Sensors
General Purpose Temperature Sensors(Thermocouple / Resistance Temperature Detectors)

  • Temperature
  • A wide range of selection by shape and length
  • Sheath type superior in response, vibration resistance, and shock resistance
  •  Nicrobell sheath thermocouple that can measure up to 900°C with a protection tube diameter
  • Nobel metal thermocouples that can measure up to 1500°C
  • Sanitary temperature sensors suitable for production processes of food, beverage, and  pharmaceutical products

Temperature sensors
Temperature sensors for various applications(Thermocouple)

  • Temperature
  • Appropriate sensors can be selected according to the applications and the machines such as a cylinder of an injection molding machine or a surface temperature of the roller.

Film Type Temperature Sensors
ST-50 series(Type K Thermocouple)

  • Temperature
  • Thin Film Type K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor avialable in thickness of 0.34mm and 0.13mm.
  • Ideal for measuring temperature of small object by pasting on its surface.
  • Ideal for inserting between two touching surfaces with Exposed-Tip Type.
  • Polyimide(PI)Insulation Type for applications where electrical insulation is needed.
  • Rapid response is best suited for temperature profiling.

Temperature Sensors for small object surface
ST-55 / ST-56

  • Temperature
  • Capable of measuring surface temperature of small objects
  • Ceramic coating type is capable of measurement up to 500°C
  • Polyimide resin type or nonwoven glass fabric type with adhesive tape enables easy sticking on the measured object.(Fluorocarbon resin coat type only)
  • Various sensor length can be made to suit the applications.

Magnet type Temperature Sensors

  • Temperature
  • ST-50 adhesive temperature sensor is used as a sensing element and easily replaced.
  • Magnet adaptor type temperature sensor with excellent cost performance.