Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors for small object surface
ST-55 / ST-56

  • Capable of measuring surface temperature of small objects
  • Ceramic coating type is capable of measurement up to 500°C
  • Polyimide resin type or nonwoven glass fabric type with adhesive tape enables easy sticking on the measured object.(Fluorocarbon resin coat type only)
  • Various sensor length can be made to suit the applications.
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Main features

Capable of measuring temperature of small objects

Use of thermocouple with a small diameter enables temperature measurement of small objects with small thermal capacity and surface temperature of a small object.


※Please use ceramic / epoxy bond or heat-resistant adhesive tape to stick the sensor tip on the measuring part.

This is a type K thermocouple

The sensor can be connected to the instrument configured for thermocouple input type K.  


The ceramic coat type is capable of measuring up to 500°C. (Up to 260°C for the fluorocarbon resin type)

Enables manufacturing a longer sensor.


The length between the thermocouple and the terminal can be specified from 200mm in increments of 100mm.


Cable joint is added to the ST-56.

Use of a larger element size in the cable joint enables manufacturing a longer sensor.

The thermocouple can be specified from 50mm in increments of 50mm and the cable joint section can be specified from 200mm in increments of 50mm.

※The length between the thermocouple and the cable joint section can be made to the desired length, but please specify the size so that the element resistance value is lower than 100Ω.

Main specification

  • Sensor type: Type K thermocouple element, conforming to JIS C 1602-1995
  • Element diameter:
    1) Sensing part: Teflon coating: 0.076mm, 0.127mm  Ceramic coating: 0.1mm, 0.2mm

2) Cable joint section: 0.127mm, 0.254mm

ST-56 Teflon coating: 0.076mm, 0.127mm, 0.254mm  Ceramic coating: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.32mm

  • Accuracy: ±0.5% ±1°C
    *Accuracy when metal surface (copper) of 100°C is measured (at the time of shipment)
  • Max. operating temperature:
    1) Sensing part; Teflon coating: 300°C (Coating section: 260°C)

Ceramic coat: 500°C

2)Adhesive tape: 300°C
3)ST-55 cable joint section: 170°C
4)ST-55 cable extension section: 260°C

  • Response time:

1) Element diameter 0.076mm, teflon coating: 0.2 sec (63.2% response), 0.8 sec (95.0% response)

2) Element diameter 0.1mm ceramic coat: 0.2 sec (63.2%response), 0.5sec (95.0% response)
*Response when metal surface temperature is measured

External dimensions