Resin Pressure Sensors

Converter for melt pressure sensors

  • Analog outputs (Max.4)
  • Resin pressure
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
  • Models

Main features

Connected to a controller, indicator, or recorder

Converts signals from a melt pressure sensor into analog output for connection to a controller, an indicator, or a recorder.

A maximum of 4 analog outputs are available

aximum 4 analog outputs are available.
0 to 10V, 0 to 10mV: Standard
1 to 5V, 4 to 20mA: Optional

Main specification

  • Supported sensors: Strain gauge type sensors
  • Input range: Standard type: 0 to 19.99mV, Explosion-proof type: 0 to 11.6mV ※ Except zero adjustment bias
  • Zero adjustment range: Standard: ±7mV (converted), Explosion-proof type: ±6mV (converted)
  • Zero point temperature drift: ±0.02%/°C of span
  • Gain setting range: Standard: Input between 10.00 and 19.99mV can be set as rated input (e.g.10V)
  • Explosion proof type: Input between 5.80 and 11.60mV can be set as rated input (e.g.10V)
  • Gain setting range: ±0.2% of span or less
  • Output: 0 to 10V, 0 to 10mV, 1 to 5V, 4 to 20mA
    ※1 to 5V and 4 to 20mA are optional.
  • Response: 10Hz/100Hz switchable (10Hz as default)

General Specification

  • Power supply voltage (Rating): 100 to 240V ac
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Weight: Approx. 290g

External dimensions