Power Controllers

Single Phase Power Controller
THV-10(150A, 200A)

  • Maximum load capacity: 150A, 200A ac
  • Supply voltage: 100 to 240V ac
  • Control method: Phase control, Zero-cross control
  • Loader communication is available
  • Easy setup using keypad and front display
  • Conforming to UL and CE Marking
  • Temperature
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
  • Models

Main features

Digital control provides excellent response and reproducibility

Digital control power controller with a front display and a keypad.

Setting zero for Soft-Start/Soft-Down provides quick response suitable for rapid thermal processes.

Loader communication for data management

Front loader communication port for improved maintainability

Configuration data management software (PROTEM2) is available

Abundant functions are available as standard

Standard functions include External contact input, Soft-Start/Soft-Down, Manual/Auto switch-over, Ramp setting, Output limiter, Output bias, Input-Phase angle proportional/Input-Voltage proportional/Input-Power phase angle switch-over.

Eliminates the restriction of the magnetic flux density of transformer and realizes miniaturization (Optional)

Primary side control function of the transformer can suppress excessive current that may arise due to momentary power failure of the load (transformer). To control the primary side of the transformer, use this Primary side control function of the transformer. It will eliminate the restriction of the magnetic flux density.

Capable to detect a heater break of non-linear load

A maximum of three inflexion points are settable according to the heater characteristics.

This enables the controller to be used with a lamp heater which has large resistance fluctuation by temperature.

Automatic setting of Inflexion points is available.

Main specification

  • Control method: Phase control / Zero-cross control (switchable)
  • Maximum load capacity: 150A, 200A ac
  • Applicable load: Linear load (R:Resistance) (when in phase control: Primary side control of transformer is available. ※1 See Protection function of primary side control of transformer
  • Input signal: 4 to 20mA, 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V, 0/12V dc
  • Output mode:
    1) Phase angle proportional, Voltage proportional, Proportional square voltage (standard)
    2) Constant current control (optional)
  • Power supply frequency: 50/60Hz (automatically selected)
  • Contents of digital display: Input signal value, Phase angle ratio value, Frequency value, Control method, Soft-Start/Soft-Down time, Ramp setting value, Output limiter (High/Low), Base-up setting, Output mode, and External contact action
  • Standard functions:
    Auto/Manual switch-over (External manual setting is optional), Output limiter, Base-up setting (Output bias), Gradient setting function (External setting is optional), Soft-Start/Soft-down function, on/off control (external high limit and low limit setting are optional)

<Optional functions>

  • Heater break alarm, Current Limiter, and Constant current control

<General Specification>

  • Ambient temperature: Guaranteed performance range: 0 to 40°C, Operation guarantee range -15 to +55°C
  • Power supply voltage (Rating): 100 to 240V AC
  • Weight: 20A/30A types approx.0.9 kg, 45A/60A types approx.1.4kg, 80A/100A types approx.1.9kg
  • Safety standards: ※2:

UL UL508
cUL C22.2 No.14
CE Marking Low Voltage Directive (LVD): EN60947-4-3   EMC Directive: EN60947-4-3

※1: Protection function for primary side control of transformer.
To control the primary side of the transformer, it is recommended to use a power controller with a protection function for the primary side control of a transformer.
The control function of the primary side of transformer can suppress excessive current generated from momentary power failure on the load (transformer) side.
When the protection function for the primary side control of transformer is not provided, excessive current may occur. Please be sure to use the transformer with magnetic flux density 1.25T or less.
Please also be sure to activate the Soft-Start function.

※2: CE Marking
When the designated noise filter is used, the requirements of CE Marking are met.
The noise filter specified: SOSHIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (This filter needs to be arranged by the user.)

External dimensions