Digital Indicator

  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.1% of displayed value
  • Sampling time: 0.1 sec.
  • Digital outputs: 6 points (optional)
  • Analog output: 1 point (optional)
  • External contact input: 2 points (optional)
  • Communication function: Optional
  • Plug-in construction
  • Temperature
  • Process
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
  • Models

Main features

Large Clear Display

Large bright 5-digit LED display, easy to read off from a distance.
PV and Alarm symbols are displayed alternately under the alarm occurrence.

Abundant Input/Output functions (optional)

This indicator can be supplied with a maximum of 2 external contact inputs, 6 digital outputs, 1 analog input, and communication function. All of these functions are available simultaneously.


Power supply for sensor is available (optional)

Built-in power supply for sensor is available.

※When a power supply for sensor (24V DC) is supplied, the maximum number of alarm outputs is 2 points.

※When a power supply for sensor (12V DC) is supplied, the maximum number of alarm outputs is 5 points.


Main specification

  • Input type (Universal input) : ※See the Input Range Code for the input range.

1) Temperature, DC current, DC voltage (low) input group

Thermocouple: K, J, R, S, B, E, N, T, W5Re/W26Re, PLII, U, L
RTD: Pt100 or JPt100 (3-wire type)
DC voltage (low): 0 to 10mV, -10 to 10mV, 0 to 100mV, -100 to 100mV, 0 to 1V
DC current input: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA

2) DC voltage input (high) group

DC voltage input (high): -1 to 1V, 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V

  • Sampling time: 0.25 sec.
  • Measurement accuracy : ±(0.1% of displayed value+1 digit) ※Depends on the input and the range.
  • Hold function

1) Peak hold: Maximum measured value is retained.
2) Bottom hold: Minimum measured value is retained.
※The stored value can be reset by key operation, external contact signal, or communication.
※When the instrument is turned off, the hold values (peak/bottom) are not backed up.

  • Power supply for sensor: 24V dc ±1.2V or 12V dc±1V
    24V dc type: within 24mA dc
    12V dc type: within 20mA dc

<Specification of Options>

  • Alarm function (Max.6 points): Process alarm high, Process alarm low (with or without alarm hold action)
    Relay contact output, 1a contact
  • External contact input: (2 points): Hold reset, Interlock release
    Voltageless (dry) contact input
  • Analog retransmission output (1 point)
    Voltage output (1): 0 to 1V dc, 0 to 5V dc, 1 to 5V dc, 0 to 10V dc
    Voltage output (2): 0 to 10mV dc, 0 to100mV dc
    Current output: 0 to 20mA dc, 4 to 20mA dc
  • Communication interface: RS-422cA / RS-485

<General Specification>

  • Power supply voltage (Rating): 100 to 240V ac / 24V ac / 24V dc
  • Ambient temperature: -10 to 50°C
  • Weight: Approx.190g
  • Safety standards :UL UL61010-1

cUL CAN/CSA-22.2 NO.61010-1
CE Marking: Low Voltage Directive (LVD) EN61010-1

EMC Directive EN61326-1

External dimensions