Limit Controllers

Temperature Limit Controller

  • Over/Under temperature protection
  • Over temperature timer
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.3% of displayed value
  • Sampling time: 0.5sec./0.25sec.
  • LCD display
  • 48×24mm size (horizontal by vertical)
  • Plug-in construction
  • NEW
  • Temperature
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
  • Models

Main features

FM Approved Product Compact High/Low Temperature Limit Controller

The SA200L provides over/under-temperature protection by interrupting or removing the power from the process whenever the temperature goes above or below the set value (high limit or low limit). The output can be slected as an alarm or to interrupt power to the heater circuit.
For safety reasons, the output is retained until reset operation is executed even when the measured value goes back to the normal range. Reset operation can be executed by front key operation, communication, or digital input.
The SA200L measures the time while the measured value goes above/below the set value, and it retains the peak value.

<FM Approved>

The FM (Factory Mutual) standard is a standard that originated in the United States to assess the safety and quality of equipment related to fire prevention. It is a certification that assesses the quality, capacity, durability, and other aspects of various equipment to prevent asset losses due to fires.
Compliance with the standard is required when used for systems that prevent excessive heating or fires. SA200L has obtained certification for FM3545: Temperature Limit SW, which is specifically designed for preventing overheating of equipment and other devices.

1/32 DIN Sized Compact Limit Controller

  • Compact design of 1/32 DIN size (48 x 24 mm) that does not take up installation space.

Setting lock with password

  • The setting lock function is equipped for safety reasons, which hides the setting parameters when locked and displays the setting parameters when a password is entered.

Easy Maintenance

  • The internal assembly of the SA200L can be removed from the front of a control board.
    It is easy to inspect, maintain or replace the instrument because it does not require access from the back of the panel.

Analog Retransmission Output (Optional)

  • The output 1 can be configured as an analog retransmission output. With this function, the measured value can be retransmitted as an analog current signal (4-20mA /0-20mA).

Digital Communications (Optional)

  • The SA200L offers an optional RS-485 communications interface for networking to computers. MODBUS or ANSI protocol can be selected. Up to 31 units, can be multi-dropped on one RS-485 communication line.

Main specification

  • Number of Inputs :1 point
  • Input type : *See the Input Range Code for the input range.
    1)Thermocouple : K, J, T, S, R, E, B, N, W5Re/W26Re, U, L, PLII
    2)RTD: Pt100 or JPt100
    3)DC voltage: 0 to 5V dc, 1 to 5V dc, 0 to 10V DC
    4)DC current: 0 to 20mA dc, 4 to 20mA dc * A 250Ω external resistor is required.
  • Sampling time: 0.5 sec. 0.25sec (Selectable)
  • Input Digital Filter:1 to 100 sec (OFF when 0 is set.)
  • Measurement accuracy:±(0.3% of displayed value+1 digit) *Depends on the input and the range.
  • Outputs:

Number of Outputs

2 points (Output 1 (OUT1), Output 2 (OUT2))

Output options

Output 1 (OUT1): Relay contact output or current output

Output 2 (OUT2): No output or relay contact output

*The output option is fixed at the time of order and cannot be changed after purchase.

Output type

Relay contact output (OUT1, OUT2)

a) Contact form: 1a contact

b) Contact capacity:

AC 240 V 2 A (resistive load)

DC 30 V 2 A (resistive load)

c) Electrical life: 100,000 times or more (rated load)

Current output (OUT1)

a) Output current: DC 0-20 mA, DC 4-20 mA

b) Output resolution: 10 bits or more

c) Allowable load resistance: 400Ω or less


<Specification of Options>

  • Output 2 (OUT2):  Relay contact output : 1a contact
  • Alarm outputs (max.2 points): Temperature alarm
  • External contact input (max. 2 points)
  • Analog Retransmission Output:PV, DEV, SV * Selectable
  • Communication Function: Communication method RS-485


<General Specification>

  • Supply voltage (Rating): 100 to 240Vac/ 24Vac/ 24Vdc
  • Ambient temperature: -10 to +55°C
  • Weight: Approx.110g
  • Safety standards:

FM: FM3545

UL: UL61010-1
cUL: CAN/CSA-22.2 NO.61010-1
CE Marking:

LVD: EN61010-1

EMC: EN61326-1

RoHS: EN IEC 63000

UKCA marking:

Electrical Safety: EN61010-1
EMC: EN61326-1
RoHS: EN IEC 63000

External dimensions