Module Type Controllers

Modular Controllers (Process/Temperature Controllers)

  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.3% of span (standard model), ±0.1% of span (accurate model)
  • Sampling time: 0.5 sec. (standard model), 0.1 sec (accurate model)
  • A wide selection of modules such as digital input/output, analog input/output, CT inputs, and temperature inputs.
  • Temperature
  • Process
  • Multiloop
  • Main features
  • Main specification
  • External dimensions
  • Models

Main features

The maximum of 320-channel temperature control

Up to 10 modules can be connected to a single Power/CPU module. Use of temperature control modules (2 channels per module) allows up to 20 channel temperature control.

Connecting modules in multi-drop connection allows connection up to 16 units, thus the maximum of 320-channel temperature control system can be established.

A wide selection of function modules

Temperature control/Process control, Digital I/O, Analog I/O and so on.

Accurate model (0.1 sec. sampling time, accuracy 0.1%) and special temperature control module (0.01°C display) are available.

Main specification

List of Modules

Power/CPU module
This module supplies power to the connected modules, performs data management, and provides an interface to a host computer. Each control unit requires one of this module.
Control modules
<Temperature control modules>
This is a module for temperature control.Input type is selectable from thermocouple or RTD, one or two inputs.

<Accurate type temperature control modules>
This is a temperature control module with measuring accuracy of 0.1%.
Input type is selectable from thermocouple or RTD, one or two inputs.
(Only RTD input is selectable for the two input type, and the accuracy is 0.2%)

<Voltage/Current input control module>
This is an accurate control module that accepts DC voltage or DC current inputs.
This module, because of a wide selection of input types and 0.1 second sampling, can be used in temperature and other process applications.
(A module with two inputs has a sampling time of 0.2 second)

Analog input/output module
<Analog input module>
This module can be used as a monitor of a production line by receiving analog signals from the production line.
The accuracy is 0.1% of F.S with sampling time of 0.1 second (2-input type, with isolation between inputs or 4 input type with non-isolation among inputs)
Two alarms are supplied as standard.

<Analog output module>
This module is used to provide analog signals of the measured values or the set values.
This module can be used to record the controller operation status by connecting it to a recorder.

<Temperature input module>
This module uses thermocouple or RTD as an input and can be used as a temperature monitor.
Two alarms are supplied as standard. Accurate type module is also available.

Digital input/output module
<Digital input module>
This module can utilize external signals (e.g. signal from a PLC) to switch the operating condition of the control unit. Application includes memory area switching and operation start/stop.

<Digital input module (event inputs)>
This module allows input logic by the unit of four points and provide outputs up to 8 types of logic results through communication or through the event output module.

<Digital output module>
This module provides various alarms independently by the channel.

Current transformer (CT) input module
This module receives signals from CTs. This module is used in combination with temperature control modules to provide heater break alarm. This module can be used for both single and three phase applications.

External dimensions


Power/CPU module










※ Exept H-TIO-D











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