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Blue mark 2014 March, 14 Revision up
"PROTEM2 Communication Setup Tool Ver.0.3.90"

Blue mark 2013 August, 20 New Contents
"VGR-B100 Paperless Recorder Special Features"

Blue mark 2013 June, 19 Revision up
"SP400, SP500 Input Selector Instruction Manual"
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New products
Paperless recorder VGR-B100
Blue Mark August, 20 2013
VGR-B100 Paperless Recorder
  • Touch screen operation.
  • A variegated display.
  • SD card slot is equipped.
  • Flexible communication and network function.
Mark VGR-B100 Special Features >> Click here!

PF900, PF901 High performance ramp/soak controller
Blue Mark June 29, 2010
PF900/PF901 High Performance Ramp/Soak Controller
  • All necessary infomation is visible on the easy-to-read front display.
  • New control algorithm RSS (Ramp Soak Stabilizer).
  • The PF900 can store up to 1024 segments.
Mark PF900/PF901 Special Features >> Click here!