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REX-F9000 Specifications

Number of Inputs 1 or 2 points
Input RTD : Pt100 (JIS/IEC), JPt100 (JIS)
3 or 4 wire system
Influence of input lead resistance : Less than 0.04°C
(Less than 10W per wire)
Input break action : Up-scale
Input short action : Down-scale
Input Range 0.000 to 50.000°C
Sampling Time 0.1 sec
PV Bias -19.999 to 19.999°C
Digital Filter 0.1 to 100.0 sec (No filter when 0.0 is set)

Setting Accuracy a) Temperature : ±0.05°C
b) Other setting : Within ±0.1% of setting range
Measuring Accuracy ±0.05°C ( Ambient temperature 23°C ±5°C )
Insulation Resistance More than 20MW (500V DC) between measured and ground terminals.
More than 20MW (500V DC) between power and ground terminals.
Dielectric Strength 1000V AC for one minute between measured and ground terminals.
1500V AC for one minute between power and ground terminals.

Control Method Brilliant PID control with autotuning
Direct/Reverse action (Selectable)
Major Setting Range
Set value : 0.000 to 50.000°C
Proportional band : 0.001 to 50.000°C
Integral time : 0.1 to 3600.0 sec. (Zero is not settable)
Derivative time : 0.1 to 3600.0 sec. (PI action when D=0)
Control response : 0 (Slow), 1 (Medium), 2 (Fast)
Proportional cycle : 0.1 to 100.0 sec. (Only voltage pulse output)
Control Output
Voltage pulse output : 0/12V DC
(Load resistance : More than 600W)
Current output : 4 to 20mA DC
(Load resistance : Less than 600W)
Output resolution : More than 13 bits
Output impedance : More than 5MW

Temperature Alarm
a) Number of alarms : 2 points / channel
b) Type : Deviation High, Low, High/Low, Band
Process High, Low
Set value High, Low
c) Setting range : Deviation and band alarm : -19.999 to 19.999°C
(Action is not guaranteed in the case of an alarm setting that is outside of the input range.)
Process alarm : 0.000 to 50.000°C
d) Alarm differential gap : 0.001 to 50.000°C
e) Alarm timer : 0 to 600 sec.
Alarm Output Relay output, Form A contact 250V AC 1A (resistive load)
Energized or de-energized output

Communication Method RS-485 (2-wire)
Communication Speed 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 BPS
Bit Format
Start bit : 1
Data bit : 7 or 8
Parity bit : Without, Odd or Even
Stop bit : 1 or 2
Communication Code ASCII (JIS) 7-bit code
Maximum Connection 31 (Address can be set from 0 to 99.)

Contact Input
Number of Inputs 1 point
Input Rating Non-voltage contact input
a) OPEN : 500kW or more
b) CLOSE : 10W or less

Analog Output (Optional)
Number of Outputs 1 point / channel
Output Types a) Measured value (PV)
b) Deviation (DV)
c) Set value (SV)
d) Manipulated output value (MV)
Output Scaling High limit and Low limit are available.
Output Resolution 13 bits or more
Output Accuracy 0.1% of span
Output Ripple 0.1% of span (When resistive load)

NO Output Signal Output Impedance Allowable Load Resistance
4 0 - 5 V Less than 0.1W More than 1kW
6 1 - 5 V Less than 0.1W More than 1kW
7 0 - 20mA Less than 5MW Less than 600W
8 4 - 20mA Less than 5MW Less than 600W

General Specifications
Supply Voltage
a) 85 to 264V AC (Including supply voltage variation)
[Rating : 100 to 240V AC] (50/60Hz common)
b) 21.6 to 26.4V AC (Including supply voltage variation)
[Rating : 24V AC] (50/60Hz common)
c) 21.6 to 26.4V DC (Ripple rate 10% p-p or less) [Rating:24VDC]
Power Consumption Less than 13VA for standard AC type (at 100V AC)
Less than 19VA for standard AC type (at 240V AC)
Less than 11VA for 24V AC type
Less than 340mA for 24V DC type
Power Failure Effect Not affected by power failure shorter than 20msec, otherwise reset to the initial state.
FAIL Output
a) Check item : MCU trouble, MCU supply voltage trouble, watchdog timer, EEPROM error, input circuit trouble, adjustment error, sensor break
b) Output : Relay output, Form A contact 250V AC 1A
(resistive load) Abnormal time open.
Operating Environments 0 to 50°C [32 to 122°F] , 45 to 85% RH
Memory Backup Backed up by non-volatile memory.
Number of writing : Approx. 100,000 times
Net Weight Approx. 530g
External Dimensions 96 x 96 x 100mm (W x H x D)

Compliance with Standards
CE Mark
UL Recognized
CSA Certified