SRX Module type controller SRX
Sampling 0.025 sec
Line 1
Star 01Ultra High Speed Sampling 0.025 sec
The digital PID controller SRX realizes 40 times of feedback control in one second. It makes the SRX suitable for any application which requires fast control response and high accuracy.
The PID parameters can be set in 1/100 unit which supports supreme control by the SRX.

40 times of sampling for one second 10 times of sampling for one second
Note: The above diagrams show a typical difference between the SRX and a conventional temperature controller with 100ms sampling cycle time to control a fast response process, such as an application in which temperature rises from 24 °C to 400 °C within two seconds.
High speed feedback control of 40 samples per second.
Star2Two Channels in One Module Star5Space-saving, simple-wiring
Star3High Resolution Star6High Accuracy ±(0.1% of PV)
Star4Ramp / Soak Program Control Star7Communications

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