■Highly accurate temperature control of T-die


Enables highly accurate temperature control using power controllers.

Use of Automatic temperature rise function* of SRZ enables a uniform temperature rise in the T-die.

* Function to increase the temperature of all zones at the same rate.


>>Merits of introducing this system

  • This elaborate highly accurate temperature control system contributes to improve the quality of the extruded films.
  • The uniform temperature rise of the T-die reduces the startup time of the machine.

Typical models

Modular Controllers (Process/Temperature Controllers)

  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.2% of displayed value
  • Sampling time: 0.25 sec.
  • 4-channel control per module
  • Front loader communication port
  • Digital Input/Output and CT Input Modules
  • Communication converters of various field bus communication can be connected.

Single Phase Power Controller

This type of product receives analog signal such as 4-20mA from an external controller and regulate power to the heater continuously and sensitively. Single phase and three phase types are available.