■Temperature and level management of chemical solution

In the etching and cleaning processes of semiconductor manufacturing, highly corrosive chemical solution is used. To measure temperature and level of such chemical solution, highly corrosive resistant sensors are used.
>>Merits of introducing this system
  • Temperature measurement and fluid level measurement and detection become possible.

Typical models

PFA coated temperature sensor
FR-100(RTD)/ FT-100(Thermocouple)

Temperature sensors (RTD or Thermocouple) covered with PFA tubes

The whole cable is PFA covered and shows good moisture resistance.

The picture shows FR-100

Back-pressure type level meter
LE100 / LE110

  • Level measurement and 8 level outputs are possible using one tube.
  • Not influenced by adhering materials.
  • Available with gravity correction function which eliminates correction by actual fluid and EMPTY/SPAN adjustment function implementable through one-touch operation.
  • This instrument can be also used as a fluid volume meter and a pressure meter.
  • LE110 can be used in an environment where atmospheric pressure changes.

Back-pressure type level switch

  • Detects high and low limit level of fluid using a single tube.
  • Not influenced by adhering materials.
  • The use of PFA tube enables measurement of corrosive liquids.
  • Built-in semi-conductor pressure sensor and orifice.
  • Easy to use only by using air purging to the tube of 20±1kPa

Digital controllers (Temperature controllers)
RZ400 / RZ900

  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.2% of displayed value
  • Sampling time: 0.25 sec.
  • Loader communication
  • Plug-in construction